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The club has had four grounds in it's time. The first was in Gas House Lane, (Old Mill Road), the second in Tinker's Field, (Down Road), then the club moved to what is now called the 'Old Cricket Ground, opposite the Albion Hotel on Bristol Road. In 1954 the move was made to the Lake Grounds and play started on half of the present playing area, that had been raised about 4ft with aid of ashes from the town's old Power Station to aid drainage. When the rest of the ground was also raised the club took over the whole playing area. At this time only Sunday games were played and a tent was erected for players to change in.

The strength of the club was increased in 1958 by the decision of the Portishead Optimists to amalgamate with Portishead, playing both Saturday and Sunday Cricket. In 1964, on the 18th June, the 'new' pavilion was opened. Originally ladies were not allowed in, but of course this rule was soon overturned when the ladies, outraged, walked out and went to the little tea shop (which stood near the boating lake in those days).

In 1973 Portishead joined the Bristol and District League, in Division 3, and eventually moved up to Division 1 in 1976. In 1981 a bar was opened in the pavilion.

In 2014 Portishead won the Bristol and District Senior Division for the first time, in so doing gaining promotion to the West of England Premier League.

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