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I joined the party we call ‘life’ a little earlier than planned.11 weeks and 5 days too early to be precise. I was a very small baby and had to continue to develop and grow in hospital for several months whilst I battled chronic lung disease and a constant risk of infection.

This crazy and unorthodox springboard into the world of existence has brought with it complications and really should come with a “Don’t Try This At Home” advisory warning! Even though the NICU team fought day and night to protect me, an infection caught hold and managed to damage a small potion of my brain. As a result, I was subsequently diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia.

There is a fantastic operation that can eliminate a majority of my current mobility symptoms and will dramatically reduce the chances of me having to deal with premature ageing issues such as hip dislocations, severe joint problems and arthritis all of which are common for people dealing with my condition. Unfortunately it's not funded on the NHS.

This Operation is going to Change my life..... Please support my campaign and be a 'Game Changer!'

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