Posted by Emily Luxa-Richards on Aug 4, 2016


As this is my first (and hopefully not last) blog on this exciting new Everything Portishead webpage, I thought I should introduce myself.  So my name is Shaun and I live on the Marina, far too close to the Hall and Woodhouse pub for my own good.  I am married, and we live together in a happy if slightlyzany household, with our two rescue dogs – Fern, a German Shepherd, and Floyd, a Shepherd/Lab cross – who keep us on our toes.  By turns they make us laugh out loud at their crazy antics and then sigh with frustration as we find yet another houseplant out of its pot, or the bin overturned in the morning.  But hey, that’s dogs for you and we wouldn’t swap them for anything.  

Ness (my wife) and I have just returned from living in Bordeaux in SW France, and we are now beginning to settle into and enjoy life in Portishead.  It’s a great place to be!

My wife works full-time in local government, and I am self-employed.  I actually run my own business which is called Be Awesome – Mind and Body.  The Body bit is looked after by a Physical Trainer who offers personalised fitness training, motivation work, and nutritional advice to clients.  I look after the Mind bit of the job.

So what’s this Mind bit of the job all about then I hear you ask? Well, I am a trained and qualified Performance Coach (when I work in businesses and organisations) and a Relationship/Life Coach when I work with personal clients.  I am also a trained Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Counsellor.  I use some very simple, yet very powerful techniques in my practice, that give me the opportunity to help people who are looking to make changes in their lives – for some reason or another – and who are unsure as to how to go about it.

They may feel that they are in a rut and are not achieving as much as they think they should.  Some feel that they are at a crossroads in their lives and needing some help in mapping out the direction in which they should head.   Others seek help and support as they deal with difficulties in their lives - the loss of a loved one; a relationship breakdown; being made redundant; getting to a certain age and thinking "Is this it then?".  Others may be suffering from stress, anxiety, or other overload issues brought on by the non-stop lifestyles we all seem to live nowadays.  

That said, I also see lots of people who are already very happy and optimistic in their lives, who want the help of a Coach to enable them to squeeze even more out of that life; in essence, to help them to Be Awesome.  You can see where our business name came from – it made perfect sense! 

I spoke to Estelle – who runs the EP website – and said that I would really like to write a series of articles for her – in the form of a blog – where I could pass on some ideas to her readers as to how to squeeze more out of their lives and to live them to the full.  I wanted to show how even simple, easy to make, small adjustments in how we think, can have a profound and lasting impact on our lives.  We just need to rethink the way in which we perceive ourselves, others around us, and the environment in which we live.

Most of my work has its roots in Mindfulness, and I use many models, ideas, methods, etc., drawn from Mindful thinking.  But it isn’t all mystical, meditation, and chanting.  What I do is to harness the power of Mindful thinking to give my clients some really practical and useable techniques to try out that make an immediate impact to the way they can make their life do what THEY want it to do.

So three words you will often hear me say are “BE. HERE. NOW”.  In my next Blog I hope to explain what those three words mean, and how adopting them as your mantra can lead to you rethinking and reframing the way you live your life.  Who knows, you may just end up Being Awesome.  Catch you all in the next Blog I hope. J