Hello & Welcome

Posted by Admin Portishead on Jun 27, 2016

Hello and Welcome

                    to the newly launched Everything Portishead website. My name is Estelle and I am the founder of the highly successful 'Everything' Facebook groups. The Everything' groups were launched as community notice boards for their relative towns with an ethos of, "If it's IN, ON or ABOUT Portishead" it's for us so in that vein our moto is "If it's local, here's where to get vocal....It's Everything Portishead!"

Following the launch of the Everything Portishead Facebook group, the EP team thought it only fair that Portishead received their very own Everything Portishead website. So for the last few months we have been working towards that. The website is designed very much with the community in mind. All aspects of the website are accessible to anyone in the community whether that is to add old photo's to the history page or to let other know about upcoming events via the community calendar or to add their own (or a friends) Portishead business details into the directory

One of the first things we did once the website was nearing completion was to find a Portishead resident to over see the daily upkeep of the website so in our traditional way of doing things we gave a shout out into the FB group, this resulted in us finding our treasure, Emily Luxa-Richards! Emily will be over seeing the running of the website and will be your point of contact for all things EP website related.

We hope you like the fresh new look to the website and the easy to use navigation that will allow you to find the information you need more quickly and easily. You are able to post feedback via the link found at the bottom of the page and we sincerly hope that you embrace the website in the same way as you have embraced the social media groups. 

Thank you and Welcome

Estelle & Emily xx