Portishead Flower Show and Country Fair

Posted by Emily Luxa-Richards on Jul 25, 2016

It is always the last weekend in July, a bit like Christmas, we know it is coming, we know when it is, and we know what we need to do but are we ever ready? Hell No! BUT, the tingle of excitement still creeps in when we start to see the 'Portishead Flower Show and Country Fair' notices and books everywhere. For anyone who wonders what it is all about it is hard to describe.  The smell of being inside a huge marquee on a warm summers day evokes memories of what summers used to be like. Cups of tea and cream tea on gingham tablecloths served by efficient ladies in floral frocks makes me want to find my own raffia hat and stick a flower in it. Older men bustle around with their sleeves rolled up organising childrens fun races, dogs on leads sniff hopefully, pushing their luck trying get to the cheese scones someone has carefully entered in the baking section. 

Entertainment is varied. Punch and Judy sits alongside Belly Dancing and The Somerset Paddies who sing their hearts out to some good old tunes. Whats not to like about ferret racing and meerkats?

 To me the real fun is entering exhibits from the Care Home where I work. The residents have been busy honing their skills in crafts from making greeting cards  to decorating cupcakes and the best fun of all is making the miniature gardens....like real gardening but much much easier. The paper entries have to be submitted a few days in advance before I know whether our cakes have risen or the scones have burnt but that is part of the fun, taking it to the wire to see if we actualy have anything to enter. But, today is Monday and I'm feeling optimistic. Come Friday when I fill my car with their exhibits I may not be feeling quite so gung ho! A few years ago laden with plates of cakes and biscuits I put a plate on the pavement whilst I unlocked the car and my neighbours dog shot out and snaffled a scone! So to  get the exhibits there in one piece is an achievement so winning a prize is just a bonus.


I have been a Portishead resident for the last 50 or so years and cannot remember a time I haven't exhibited, visited or helped others to exhibit at this lovely authentic Country show. Visiting the show is a bit like a friends reunited day out,  strolling around the field you bump into people who have moved away and then come back to visit and can't resist coming down to the showground. 

Francine Hunts